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i've recorded my english version of joachim sartorius' poem So viele Wörter ich jetzt esse. my voice sounds like i'm half asleep, chances are the poem's words will be a little difficult to understand. but since i haven't really written much of the novel today and in order to prove i DID work nevertheless, here are my translation and the corresponding recording. on, as usual, you'll find transcript and german original.


i've been thinking hard about which translation to po(dca)st next, but i have opted for ken yamamotos (pictured) Notizen bei Tagesanbruch Nr. 10 or, in english, Notes at Daybreak No. 10. i chose that one mainly because i like the original and believe the translation turned out to be good. on words on a watch, below my translation, you'll find ken's german original.


i wrote this poem in kuala lumpur, malaysia, in 2005. at the time i wasn't sleeping in days and felt i was truly bordering insanity. quite simply, i felt i needed an escort. people who have read it have told me it had a very erotic tone to it, which i absolutely wasn't aware of when i wrote it. these days i know what they mean, though, and am happy with the poem's plentitude.

a transcript of it is featured on


this is the german poem Unnennbarer Zustand by Friederike Mayröcker translated into english and read by myself. crappy quality and all, i know, but please be kind, for it's a first.


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